Characteristics of Environmentally Conscious “SHIRASU” Concrete

1. Contribution to the preservation of natural resources.

・60% to 70% of sand in concrete, which is becoming a scarce resource, can be replaced by “SHIRASU”.

2. Environmentally friendly.

・The concrete becomes completely recyclable as a cement raw material at the time of demolition.
・Calcination energy [of the cement] and CO2 emission can be reduced.

3. Strength and durability

・Strength and durability that increases to grow over a long period of time because of the pozzolanic reaction of “SHIRASU”, resistant to sulfuric acid and salt-damage
・Also its density, which comes from the fine granularity of “SHIRASU”, protects the concrete from neutralization

4. Smooth surface, humidity controlling qualities

・Smooth texture allows to have exposed concrete as fine finish.
・”Shirasu” also contains micro closed-cells which give the concrete humidity control and deodorizing qualities.

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