Project Members

The idea of utilization of regional untapped materials such as “SHIRASU” in a concrete industry brought our team together to be established in 2012.

Our motive is to support the utilization of “Shirasu” resources, which is located in the Kagoshima prefecture and in parts of the neighboring prefectures, to develop fully recycled, environmentally friendly concrete from “SHIRASU” and bring this new material to the building industry.

Members : Yasuhiro Yamashita (Visiting Professor at Kyushu University and founder of Atelier Tekuto), Takafumi Noguchi (Professor at University of Tokyo, Researcher in fully recyclable concrete), Jun Sato (Associate Professor at University of Tokyo,  Structural Engineer), Kazuro Higashi (Incorporated Company Principle Representative Director, “SHIRASU” Producer), Tsukasa Ito (Managing Director Tokyo SOC, “SHIRASU” concrete manufacturer).

With the cooperation of researchers at Kagoshima University, Kagoshima prefectural research institution, “SHIRASU” manufacturers, structural engineers and the concrete factory the project thus begun.

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