Obstacles to the Use in Architecture

Four obstacles to construction: Material development and management.

Through the investigation of the project team for using “SHIRASU” in architecture became very clear. To tackle these obstacles each of the members performed their part in a highly professional manner to seek out the appropriate solutions.

Obstacle 1. To meet the Architectural Building Codes.

The highest constrain in using “SHIRASU” in the fields of Architecture was conformity to the Architectural Building Codes.

The pyroclastic ashes originate in the volcanos and is a totally natural material and because of the fineness of its grains which is lighter than the sand as represented in the JIS standard, and having too much moisture prohibits its use in architecture.

Various experiments were conducted with “SHIRASU” added concrete on its strength. As a result, we found if we limit the use of “SHIRASU” to one building per special Individual Ministry of Construction Approval. Then we would win approval for the use of “SHIRASU” in architecture.

Obstacle 2. Quality control of “Shirasu”

Acquisition of an Individual Ministry of Construction Approval for “SHIRASU” concrete can be guaranteed only by the thoroughness in the quality control of  “SHIRASU” , to the extent where the natural hence variable qualities of “SHIRASU” was controlled to a high level where it could be called an industrial material. Therefore, “Principle”, the “SHIRASU” manufacturing company devised a quality controlling method and compiled a manufacturing manual.

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