Obstacles to the Use in Architecture

Obstacle 3. Plant that can produce the concrete.

Our aim was not only to document our research about using “SHIRASU” concrete but to actually use this material in a building. Even if the development of this material is possible, if there is no factory that will manufacture it, it cannot be used on the actual construction site.

So we had to search for a factory that could allocate a manufacturing line exclusively to “SHIRASU”. This was made possible by the participation of Tokyo SOC, having ample storage facilities and multiple manufacturing lines.

Obstacle 4. Checking the workability of the material on site.

An architectural building is much smaller compared to civil engineering structures in which “SHIRASU” concrete had been used in the past. Good results and data obtained in the lab or the factory under optimized conditions does not necessarily mean construction will be smooth on the site, where the factor of uncertainty is an unavoidable risk. In order to extract in advance the element that is likely to pose a problem and to prepare solutions, a full-scale construction experiment was conducted. Construction of a full-scale mock up as a casting experiment resulted in the confirmation of a beautiful smooth finish.

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