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Study Group and University Workshops

In 2014, TEKUTO formed a Study Group on elder care facilities. We invited Ms. Yukiko Inoue, professor at Graduate School of Social Service Management Japan College of Social Work as a lecturer and  learned about elder care facilities inside and outside of Japan, their current state, their differences, and diligently visited facilities of significance.

After visiting about twenty-two facilities in three years, the most inspiring facilities were B’s and Share Kanazawa in Ishikawa Prefecture, run by a social welfare corporation, Bussien, and Shobu Gakuen in Kagoshima Prefecture.

B’s aims to create a continuing care retirement community for the neighboring area in walking distance. Its welfare / medical department offers an adult day-care, disabled-care, nursery school and a medical clinic along with community features such as spa, restaurant, fitness club, heated swimming pool and flowershop. It is a place that welcomes all sorts of people to come together and interact. The job opportunities offered  for people with disabilities throughout the facilities is another important feature.

Shobu Gakuen is a care facility for persons with developmental, mental and physical disabilities. Various facilities are laid out inside the spacious campus; Living Support Center that offers consultation services, short stay and day care suppport; Work Support Center for employment and vocational training services; home-visit care center; group homes. What makes Shobu Gakuen unique is the integration of art into its activities. Persons with disabilies live in the campus and work at on-site facilities such as the woodwork studio, ceramics workshop, textile workshop,  restaurant and soba noodle shop. The artworks created by the residents of Shobu Gakuen are internationally renowned, some of which are even housed in museums.

Building upon the knowledge and inspiration acquired through these visits, Yamashita continued his research by teaching community planning courses for graduate students at Kyushu University.

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