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Designing Elder Care Facilities

In 2016, Yamashita met Satoko Nakamukae, a caregiver and founder of elder care organization Iroha, who runs several senior homes and adult daycare services. Her organization provides person-centered care, as opposed to facility-centered services widely seen in previous elder care facilities in Japan. For example, even if there is a resident who would wander off more than 30 times a day, a staff member will simply accompany that person every time, instead of locking him/her in.

Yamashita found many shared values with her, and designed a shokibotakino* facility named A House in Hirayama in her home town in Kagoshima.

*shokibotakino 小規模多機能 is a type of Japanese elder care facility which is small-scaled and provides multiple services, namely, adult day care, home-visit care and short-term stay.

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