Denpaku + Magun

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Architectural Project and Denpaku in Amami

Alongside his research on elder care facilities, Yamashita has visited many resorts and vacation accommodations around the world and accumulated architectural insights and experiences of lodging facilities. Eventually, he was commissioned to design a resort facility, Nest at Amami Beach Villas, in his home island of Amami.

Around the same time, Yamashita started to receive requests from local administrations and communities to deal with the vacant house problem in the island. In order to meet the requests, he founded a brand of tourist accommodation named “Denpaku,” that renovates and makes use of vacant traditional and/or legendary houses. (Den伝 is a word associated with “tradition” and “legend”, paku泊 means “stay over”.) It started with 2 inns in Amami City and expanded to 15 in two yours, not only in Amami Oshima island, but also in other islands of the Amami Archipelago, such as Tokunoshima.

While frequently flying to Amami for these projects, the opportunity to speak with various people increased. Yamashita became more and more aware of the reality of elder care and medication in Amami, and started to wish to put his university research into practice in Amami.

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