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Conducting a Survey of Elder Care Facilities in Amami

Yamashita conducted a survey of existing elder care facilities in Amami, and found out the following problems:

・There are not enough elder care facilities and some senior citizens have to wait in order to receive care.

・The elderly who came from Amami and whish to return have difficulty finding a place to live.

・The environment of Amami is full of nature that even senior citizens who have spent most of their lives in urban settings would desire to spend the rest of their lives. However, there are not enough options of high quality elder care facilities.

In view of this result, Yamashita set some goals for the future.

・Create an example of a high quality elder care facility that also accepts senior citizens that returned to Amami or came to Amami afresh from urban areas.

・Expand from the example and build affordable elder care facilities and communities for Amamians.

・Establish a system that provides care-givers necessary salary increases and encourage young people to return and join the workforce in Amami.

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