Earth Bricks/ 土プロジェクト


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The “Earth Project” started in 2008, it was developed together with Universities, private enterprises and specialist gathering available information on construction from the “Earth Bricks” around the world. Besides it, we made translation and publication of the book “Building with Earth” by Gernot Minke, who has done significant research on earth architecture in Germany.

Various experiments were made on verification of natural additive mixed with the soil in order to fulfill existing structural regulations with minimal impact on environment.  There were materials mix ratio examinations and compressive strength tests conducted under instruction of Professor Naoyuki Koshiishi in his material research laboratory in Waseda University. Also shear experiment of “Earth Brick” construction methods and full size wall mock-up built under the guidance of Professor Shuichi Matsumura in the University of Tokyo. Various questions, such as structure requirements, a form of bricks and molds, and masonry joints treatment were able to be cleared during these tests.

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