Nest at Amami Beach Villas

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Overall Concept ; Designing the In-betweens

Upon embarking on this project, Yamashita not only studied the history, nature and vegetation of Amami, but also conducted an extensive survey of the existing accommodation facilities on the island. Through the process, he arrived at the conclusion that affair of designing in and for Amami is a matter of “designing the in-betweens.”

The concept can be broken down into five aspects.

  1. Achieving the sense of self liberation in between the vast sky and the sea.
  2. Restoring the local indigenous vegetation which has deteriorated, placed in between nature and human activity
  3. Combining the sense of tradition and newness together in between traditional and new architecture
  4. Developing a material for architecture unique to Amami in between methods of traditional industries and new materials.
  5. Providing a wide variety of accommodation facilities and food services in between times, before Amami Islands is formally enlisted as a UNESCO natural heritage site.

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