Nest at Amami Beach Villas

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Concept No.5

Providing a wide variety of accommodation facilities and food services in between times, before Amami Islands is formally enlisted as a UNESCO natural heritage site

In January 2013, the Japanese government applied for the inclusion of the ” Amami and Ryukyu islands” onUNESCO’s provisional list of candidates for World Heritage sites.  Four years later,  it fomally nominated the area comprised of Amami and Tokunoshima Islands, the northern part of Okinawa Prefecture’s main island and Iriomote Island (also in Okinawa) as a Natural Heritage candidate site. Whether the area would be formally nominated or not, is to be officially determined by the summer of 2018.

If Amami gets UNESCO natural heritage listing, the number of tourists, both domestic and international, is likely to increase exponentially. Therefore, Nest at Amami Beach Villas was designed as a luxurious resort in order to add variety to existing accommodations, and to offer a dining space that will enhance the gastronomic experience  which is an essential part of travel.

Amami may go through significant changes after the listing, but we aim to accept the good changes while cherishing and protecting the precious tradition of Amami.  This resort is a product of such a wish.

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