History of Tekuto

President Yasuhiro Yamashita established the firm in 1991.

It was long time dream for Yamashita to have his own practice and he worked ravenously.

After the Hanshin Awaji great earthquake disaster in 1995, Yamashita came to realize the importance of the social aspect of the architect, when he started performing voluntary activities using hisarchitectural expertise.

Yamashita has won various architectural and design prizes worldwide since 2004 and has expanded his activities internationally.

After the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake, Kenji Mizukami, Executive Vice-President, and Ben Matsuno, Managing Director, joined forces to set up. New Atelier Tekuto, with new offices outside Tokyo, to start positively participate in various local activities.

In addition to the design of residential buildings, accommodation facilities for retreats and facilities for the elderly, we have recently expanded our work portfolio to community development centered on the "Denpaku" accommodation facility, created from the renovation of vacant houses and the "Magun Plaza", a regional cultural exchange center for locals, the elderly, the youger generation and tourists, in cooperation with our affiliated companies "Amami Design Group Co., Ltd." and "Amami Innovation".


  • 2021 Establishment of General Incorporated Association Wellness.M
  • Nov. 2019 Affiliated company Shima-Hito-Takara incorporated association established.
  • May 2019 affiliated company Denmari + Kogei (planning and operation of "Denmari" outside the Amami Islands) established.
  • June 2016 affiliated company Amami Innovation (management company for "Dendomari", etc.) established.
  • Feb. 2015 Established Amami Design Group.
  • Nov. 2014 merged with Ma design office, LIFE+shelter associates.
  • September 2009 moved the office to Jingumae.
  • July 2006Company name changed to Atelier Tenkohjin Inc.
  • Sep 2005 Moved to Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
  • July 2005Company name changed to Atelier Tenkohjin Ltd.
  • Jul. 1995Company name changed to Atelier Tenkohjin and moved to Toshima-ku, Tokyo
  • July 1991Established office in Kita-ku, Tokyo