We hold several meetings with client before making design contract in order to establish mutual trust and to understand client’s requests and conditions.
Architecture is designed according to site condition, environment and client’s requests and conditions. Our work flow focuses on realization of the best house for clients in the most efficient way.

Basic Plan

Receiving your request
  • ○ interview
    ○ general understanding of project overview
  • ○ basicl consulting of client’s requests–no fee)
    ○ survey of the site and basic research at local government office–we charge transportation and research expenses only
  • ○ presentation of the basic scheme (model and drawings)—presentation fee \50000-
    will be charged in case of cancellation at this stage

Schematic design

Design Contract
  • ○ First payment of design fee
Initial meeting
  • ○ Schematic plan

Design Development

Design development
  • ○ Development of detailed design
    ○ Second payment of design fee
    ○ prepare a set of drawings for cost estimation
Cost Estimation
  • ○ Contractor(s) make(s) detailed estimation
Cost Adjustment
  • ○ Cost adjustment
    ○ adjustment of design
    ○ Deciding the construction cost and final design
Building confirmation
  • ○ primary meeting with inspection bureau
    ○ Third payment of design fee
    ○ Building confirmation procedure

Construction Supervision

Starting of construction
  • ○ Construction contract
    ○ Ground breaking ceremony
    ○ Starting of construction and site supervision
Framework Completion
  • ○ Mid-stage inspection by local government
    ○ Framework completion
    ○ Forth payment of design fee
    ○ Framework completion ceremony
Completion of Construction
  • ○ Final inspection by local government
    ○ Completion of construction and handing over to client
    ○ Fifth payment of design fee and final cost adjustments
    ○ Open house (optional)