House in Matsushima

This is my first commission as independent architect.
The site is located at Matsushima, known for its  town in Miyagi Prefecture. The client’s most important request is to have a study with a view of Matsushima Bay.
On the first floor a Japanese-style room with bathroom is provided. It is used as hobby space and occasionally as guest room.
The second floor is an open family space with a storage box called ‘Magic Box’ is placed for domestic use. The entire floor, except for kitchen, is finished with tatami mats so that you can lie down, play, eat or do any other activities at any place you choose.
The third floor of the tower is a study for all family members. It is enveloped in glass with a 360-degree panoramic view of Matsushima Bay.
The first and second floors of the tower are private rooms, which are expected to be used by children when they grow up. The house is finished with natural materials.


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completion dateJan 1995
locationMatsushima, Miyagi prefecture, Japan
building usePrivate House
site area428.29㎡
building area75.36㎡
total floor area133.07㎡
architectural designYAMASITA, Yasuhiro / Atelier Tekuto
constructional designIWAMOTO, Sugiaki / IWAMOTO Structural Engineers
photographTAIRA, Takeshi


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