Denpaku + Magun
Hotel & Community Plaza

[renovation project]
Yasuhiro Yamashita x (Atelier TEKUTO + Amami Design Firm)

“Denpaku + Magun” is a facility that consists of a hotel, eldercare facility, eatery and food mart,  repurposed from a former supermarket. It is a ten minute drive from Amami airport, in the northern part of Amami Oshima, a subtropical island which belongs to Kagoshima Prefecture. The supermarket used to be a place where the locals gathered and socialized. This renovated facility aims to recreate a hub for everyone in the community, including the socially vulnerable and tourists.

On the 1st floor, the eldercare facility is housed along with  multi-purpose MAGUN Plaza (cafe and restaurant space that could host various events and offers childcare services such as afterschool homework club), a food mart and reception of Denpaku Hotel. Within the elderly care section, there are guest rooms where elderly travelers and tourists with disabilities could stay receiving care. Inside MAGUN Plaza, there is a medical counseling room where consulting and massage services are provided.

Up on the 2nd floor, Denpaku Hotel rooms are aligned around Amami Information Library, a collection of books, audio CDs and DVDs concerning Amami, where guests and the locals can learn about the history, nature and culture of Amami. A void connects the library to the MAGUN Plaza below so that hotel guests can feel the presence and activity of the locals and the seniors living in the eldercare facility.

“Denpaku” is a brand of tourist accommodation founded by Yamashita in 2016, that renovates and makes use of vacant traditional and/or legendary houses. (Den伝 is a word associated with “tradition” and “legend”, paku泊 means “stay over”.) The brand’s mission is to restore traditional / legendary architecture, villages and culture and pass them on to the future generations. As of summer 2018, fifteen Denpaku inns have opened in Amami and two other islands of Amami Archipelago, Kakeromajima and Tokunoshima. Preceding Denpaku accommodations were all vacation rental houses, therefore, the hotel style accommodation in “Denpaku + Magun” is a fresh new addition to the brand.

“Magun (pronounced ‘mah-goon’)” is a dialect spoken in Amami which means “blend together”.  We hope that this facility will contribute to the local society as the core of a welcoming, inclusive community where the elderly, people with disabilities, the locals and tourists can come together and interact in harmony.

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completion date2018/7
building use宿泊施設、高齢者施設
site area1,100.86㎡
building area697.09㎡
total floor area880.81㎡
floor number地上2階
architectural design山下保博、松野勉、小野木透 、栗田和真 / アトリエ・天工人 + 奄美設計集団
construction management建築:畠山建設、外構:南郷工務店、空調設備:エアテック、電気設備:高田電気、給排水衛生:有村設備、建具工事:藤木工所、川元木工


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