Olympic Village(project/2009)

This project was presented to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government for Bids for the Olympic Games in 2009.


Today we are facing environmental crises such as climate changes due to global warming. It is our mission as architects to propose solutions to these problems. The city of Tokyo has a lot of potential to host an environmentally conscious Olympics for of two reasons: it has a compact and concentrated city center with an efficient transportation system; Japan has the traditional culture of living in harmony with nature. Our proposal aims to present a new image of Tokyo as a powerful leader of environmental innovation to the world.

Our design concepts are:

(1)Planning of urban system that works effectively to solve environmental issues, and that offers various services for the sustainable future of the city

(2)Introduction of environmentally friendly design features derived from the traditional Japanese culture


(1)Planning of the Olympic Village to be used as the Disaster Prevention Park for the sustainable future of the city:

Foreseeing the future of the Olympic Village, we develop the Disaster Prevention Park on the site, and subsequently plan the Olympic Village to be temporary located there during the Olympics.

(2)Relocation of traditional folk houses to be used as athletes’ dormitories:

There are many traditional folk houses that are unused and doomed to be demolished all over Japan. We intend to utilise them by dismantling, transporting and reassembling them on the Olympic Village site. By stacking them on reinforced concrete platforms, a three dimensional village for athletes is achieved. Here we are proposing a flexible and environmentally friendly development model, as well as introducing the traditional architecture and lifestyle of Japan.


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completion date2009
locationTokyo, Japan
building useDormitory for atheletes
architectural designYAMASHITA, Yasuhiro/Atelier Tekuto
constructional designSATO, Jun/Jun Sato Structural Engineers
facility designENDO, Kazuhiro/EOS Plus
cooperative universityHiroto Kobayashi Lab/Keio University


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