Meaning of TEKUTO

TEKUTO is how the latter half of the word「architect」is pronounced in Japanese. In Japanese it’s written as 「天工人」

「天工」means the laws of nature, 「工人」means a person who makes things.

In other words, we are the architect firm connecting「天= nature」and「人= human」by 「工= skill」.

Tekuto’s Vision

Our goal is to create a symbiotic society in which all settlements, local materials and its people can shine through the power of architecture and community development activities.

Tekuto’s Design Concept

We design always in pursuit of the true happiness of the client and society

「天」TE ; the heaven or the Universe

The approach to utilize all natural materials and environment.

「工」KU ; meaning technology

The approach using new and innovative technologies.

「人」TO; meaning people

In collaboration with people, always in the center.

Design Procedures at Tekuto

In that sense you could say our procedure of design is similar to that of a psychological counselor.

We start by closely analyzing the client’s needs, site conditions, local climate and local tradition and cultures.

First and foremost, we listen to the client. We design so as to meet the client demands, for sake of client’s satisfaction. We proceed so that the building will be welcomed by the environment and our society.

The first meeting is complementary. There is a minimum charge at the schematic design stage. After reaching a mutual understanding of the general design directions, we will enter into a contract and start the process of design.

Role of the architect

Needless to say, the role of the architect is listen to and answer to the demands of the client, collect information, and provide a suitable form and space.

At the same time, we believe it is important to look for, develop, and reformat the local social structure, looking for the inevitability in building and landscape while understanding the area and society in depth.

Where it will lead us may not only be the building itself. Our journey may take us into the social activities through architecture and even to the realm of town planning.

We believe architect should make major contribution in these fields.