First Architecture Using “SHIRASU” Concrete

On the occasion of “SHIRASU” concrete development, a client appeared before us. The client wanted a house on a compact site located in the center of Tokyo. Their requests were as follows:

“We want to see exposed concrete finish inside and out. We want a distinctive piece of architecture that is at the same time environmentally conscious.” Environmentally friendly “SHIRASU” concrete was perfectly matching the special request of the clients regarding material and construction.

With those ideas as a starting point, Atelier Tekuto conducted various studies and researches with collaborators for the first “SHIRASU” concrete house which named is “R, a torso, and C” to be built in 2015.

> R・torso・C  project page

Development of  “SHIRASU” concrete is yet in its process. For the full-scale utilization of  “SHIRASU” of which the vast quantities are being stored, it is necessary to obtain authorization of the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport for every project using “SHIRASU” concrete. Beyond that, we see our mission in to extending new material and construction method for general use.

We will accumulate further research and authorizations from now on. Aiming that “SHIRASU” can be used for more and more buildings to harmonise the environment we live in.

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