Castle Stay “Hirado Castle” /城泊「平戸城」

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Ground floor main room

Wall Art by Takahide Komatsu

Ground floor main room


Upstairs bedroom

The only structural addition made to the original castle was a protruding bathroom wrapped on three sides by clear glass and Nagasaki Prefecture’s local Kohase stone. It commands a beautiful panoramic view of Hirado Seto (Hirado Bay), giving the sensation of bathing in the sky.

Thus, in April 2021, “Castle Stay,” the first caslte inn in Japan opened within the castle boundaries of “Hirado Castle”.
Yamashita has realized the creation of new value by using carefully selected local materials to color everything from the composition of the space to the smallest details. The space is deeply aware of Hirado’s history, communes with the richness of its nature, and is a breath of fresh air supported by a new sense of aesthetics.

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Collaboration from Hirado to Taiwan

Our efforts in Kyushu have only just begun. Yamashita is aiming to realize a consecutive hopping tourism in his hometown in the Amami Islands, and hopes to make efforts that include collaboration from Hirado, Kyushu, with which he has close historical ties, to Amami, Okinawa, and even Taiwan.
There were many difficulties in the covid pandemic, but by connecting with like-minded people and regions, the charm od each region can be maximized, bringing vitality to Japan’s rural regions


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