“Den-Paku”+ Ma-gun Plaza, Akakina

A community exchange base for “Dendomari” operated by Amami Innovation Co.

Den-domari + Margun Plaza, Akagina, a complex facility for accommodation and comprehensive community care
In the town of Kasari, Amami City, Kagoshima Prefecture, a supermarket that was once loved by the locals and was the center of the community was revitalized from a vacant building and reborn as an unprecedented place where tourists, the elderly, the disabled and local residents can interact.

On the first floor, there is a facility for the elderly, a restaurant, food sales, accommodation reception, and an event plaza, and a deck terrace open to the street.

A large door closes and opens the place where a variety of people, including local children, adults, and tourists, gather, and the elderly facility, changing the size and usage of the space according to the demographic of the users.

The second floor has nine lodging rooms and a library, connected to the event plaza by a stairwell, but it is a space for guests and tourists.


Since the opening of “Den-Domari + Ma-Gun Plaza, Akagina,” the bustle of the main street has been restored, and the town at night has begun to be lit up again like a bonfire.

On the deck terrace and in the event square, flea markets and traditional Amami festivals are held.

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completion dateJuly 2018
locationKasari-cho, Amami-shi, Kagoshima
building useAccommodation facilities, welfare facilities for the elderly, and food and beverage facilities
site area1100.86㎡
building area697.09㎡
total floor area880.81㎡
constructionsteel construction
floor numbertwo-storied building
architectural designYasuhiro Yamashita + Ben Matsuno + Toru Onogi + Kazuma Kurita / Atelier Tekuto


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