Boundary House/ バウンダリー・ハウス



Research of the identity of the region /地域の固有性のリサーチ


We first carried out an extensive site research and found the site is sitting in a rare intermediate border band between farmland and residential areas. It is located within the urbanization restriction area, and architecture could only be built according to and within vested rights.



Historical context / 歴史的な文脈からの観測


From the observation of the historical context, we found out that this area was a grazing field for horses in the Edo period and there remains traces of horse bank even today.
This site (region) itself has a unique property that historically “the people lived side by side with the nature”, in other words a “Boundary” between nature, people and architecture.



Way to live side by side with nature / 自然との寄り添い方



Referencing the Japanese traditional spaces such as “DOMA (Earthen floor)”, “ENGAWA (open corridor)” and “NOKISHITA (Space under the eaves)”, and “creating a rich and diverse boundary that is both internal and external” as a concept, we designed to as if we are digging up the uniqueness of the region.

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