Boundary House/ バウンダリー・ハウス



Architecture and Residence / 建築と住宅

挑戦的な建築を作って欲しい。」 これが、クライアントの最初の言葉でした。


“We’ve been living in a house for 40 years.
From now on, we wish to live in a piece of architecture. We would like you to create an architecture that is highly ambitious.”
This was the language of the beginning of a client.

We believe that the “architecture” is an inheritance of the tradition and locality, and the determination to open the way to the future.
I would like to explain further “how we believe the architecture should be”, along with our project “Boundary House”.


Lost in the Architecture of the 20th century
/ 20世紀の建築が失ってきたもの


Architecture in 20th century was strongly affected by globalism which prioritises
economic efficiency.  The same kind of architecture using iron, glass and concrete were mass‐produced everywhere in the world.  It was successful in supplying houses to the rapidly growing population of the urban areas. However it resulted in a loss of the uniqueness and of the locality of individual places such as architecture using a region‐specific material or the planning being based on the climate of the region. We have forgotten how to live side by side with nature.

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