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Study Trip from Uruguay 2019

Saturday June 22, architecture students and fresh graduates from Uruguay’s public university, University of the Republic, visited two of our projects, “Boltun” and “Magritte’s”, and then came over to our office to have a glimpse of an architecture studio in Tokyo. Our vice president Mizukami, a born entertainer, showed them around refreshing his Spanish skills as well.

Every year since 1944, between 250 and 300 students make an 8-month study trip around the world to visit and get acquainted with places, cultures, cities and buildings that are essential from the architectural viewpoint. According to what Mizukami heard, funds for this trip are raised by selling “architecture lottery tickets”. It would be great if we had similar educational programs in Japan.

Three years ago, we introduced our residential project “MONOCLINIC” for this program for the first time.
We hope the visits had been inspirational and instructive for the participants!

Lecture at Boltun’s 3rd floor reception space

Boltun, 2nd floor

All smiles in front of “Magritte’s”

“Magritte’s”, build with prestressed concrete

Studio visit at TEKUTO

Holiday Schedule

Our office will be closed for the holidays from December 29, 2018 to January 6, 2019.
We wish everyone a very happy New Year!

Bolton Headquarters  photo by Sobajima Toshihiro

Den-Paku + Magun Hiroba・Akakina  (renovation project)

Den-Paku + Magun Hiroba・Akakina  (renovation project)

Yasuhiro Yamashita will participate in “KOGEI architecture” exhibition.

An exhibition titled “KOGEI architecture” will be held at Kanazawa 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa People’s Gallery B1, B3 from November7. The theme of the exhibition is, “Exploring the possibilities that arise when KOGEI (craft) meets architecture.” Yamashita will participate in the exhibition, and the preparation is going on in our studio.

The title of Yamashita’s art work is “Katagaran?” taken from a local dialect.
A certain traditional craft item of Kanazawa will be used to create something that exists in between craft and architecture.
Here is an image of the study model.
What does “Katagaran?”mean?
Which traditional craft item will be used?
What exactly is it, that exists “in between craft and architecture?”
Please find out in Kanazawa.

Date: 2017.11.7 tue-11.19 sun
Time: 10:00-18:00 (will close at 17:00 on final day)
Admission: free