【Award】 Received the Excellence Award at the 12th Regional Revitalization Awards -Awarded for activities to enhance the appeal of the island by utilizing traditional island architecture and vacant houses.

On January 30, 2022, Amami Innovation Corporation, which is engaged in community development in the Amami Islands which is engaged in community development in the Amami Islands, has received the [Excellence Award] at the 12th Regional Revitalization Awards sponsored by 46 local newspapers and Kyodo News.

The award was given in recognition of the company’s efforts to enhance the attractiveness of the community by reusing vacant traditional island houses and former supermarket facilities as lodging facilities, dining halls, senior citizen facilities, cram schools, and other community interaction centers.

We will use this award as an opportunity to expand recognition of our community development activities, and at the same time, we will work with local residents to realize a society in which “no one is left behind” by returning profits to the community.

What is the Community Revitalization Award?

The award was established in 2010 by 46 local newspapers and Kyodo News to recognize organizations that have achieved success in activities that energize and enhance the attractiveness of their communities. The awards are intended to support organizations that are taking on the challenge of solving regional issues such as population decline, aging, disparities, and disasters. In the fall of each fiscal year, newspapers and other media nominate a total of 50 organizations as candidates for the Grand Prize. After screening the nominations and conducting on-site surveys, the selection committee determines the Grand Prize, Runner-up Grand Prize, Block Prize, and Excellence Prize at the end of the year. The winning organizations’ efforts will be reported in newspapers and on the Internet from various perspectives. (Quoted from the Regional Revitalization Awards website)

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