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【Press Release】Free Castle Stay Ambassador Promotional Event


Japan’s first ever Castle Stay!

Open to the Public in the Summer of 2020

– Free Castle Stay Ambassador Promotional Event –

Joint Press Release

July 24th, 2019

Hyakusenrenma, Inc.
Atelier Tekuto, Co.Ltd.
Japan Airlines Co., Ltd.

Hyakusenrenma, Inc. Group, Atelier Tekuto, Co. Ltd., and Japan Airlines Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “JAL”) entered into an agreement to develop Japan’s first ever Castle Stay event at Hirado Castle located in Nagasaki Prefecture.

The companies will promote the Castle Stay event, which aims to target foreign travelers seeking a unique and exclusive travelling experience, starting from the summer of 2020.

About Hirado City

Hirado City is a castle town that became the base of Japan’s oldest Nanban trading port, located in the northernmost tip of Nagasaki. It is now registered as a World Heritage Cultural site, currently preserving hidden Christian heritage sites in Nagasaki’s Amakusa region. Hirado Castle ranked #20 out of the Top 100 Castles in Japan with its rich cultural surroundings and is considered a key symbol in Nagasaki Prefecture. With Hirado Castle facing the city and overlooking the ocean, it is believed to be situated in a perfect location for any type of traveler to stay a night and experience life as it were before. With renovations already set to transform Hirado Castle‘s Kaiju Yagura turret into a lodging facility, travelers can start planning a stay for the summer of 2020. A one-off promotional event held in 2017 at Hirado Castle received an astounding 7,500 applicants, which included requests from Japanese natives and foreign nationals. Due to such positive results, collaboration efforts have been made to create a historical Castle Stay experience in the summer of 2020. The major goal of the event is to help increase the number of foreign travelers to visit Japan.


Role of each company

The companies mentioned above will work in unison and use their strengths to demonstrate what it was like to live in a castle.

  • Hyakusenrenma group will be in charge of project management and oversee all operations at Hirado Castle.
    • Hyakusenrenma also operates Japan’s unique lodging reservation website “STAY JAPAN” (https://en.stayjapan.com/), which will also have Hirado Castle Stay available for reservation.
  • Design and construction management will be conducted by Atelier Tekuto.
    • Atelier Tekuto is an architectural firm with a wide range of experience which includes not only architectural design but also the operation of accommodation facilities on the theme of traditional cultural architecture related to the Amami Islands.
  • Promotion and customer relations will be managed by JAL.
    • JAL will utilize its network and worldwide channels to promote the “Castle Stay”

Hirado City Castle – Kaijyu Yagura Turret Renovation

Currently, the Kaiju Yagura turret is being used as a storage facility. It will go under proper renovations to open in the summer of 2020.


【Inquiries concerning this collaboration】

Hyakusenrenma, Inc.  
Tel:+81-3-6206-9176  eMail:pr@hyakuren.org


Atelier Tekuto, Co.Ltd.
Tel:+81-3-6439-5540 eMail:media@tekuto.com


Japan Airlines Co., Ltd.
Tel: +81-3-5460-3105 eMail:mediarelations.hdq@jal.com


BOLTUN wins JCI (The Japan Concrete Institute) Award 2019

Boltun Headquarters, designed by Yasuhiro “Hiro” Yamashita x Atelier TEKUTO, recieved Japan Concrete Institute’s 2019 Work Award.

The form of this office building was inspired by the shape of bolts, as the clients’ company is a retailer handling a vast range of nuts and bolts together with other architectural materials. Even though the budget was limited, we chose to build the structure in concrete, for the site sits along a busy street with heavy traffic and needed the soundproof benefit of concrete. Also, since the ground strength was extremely weak, reducing building weight was necessary. Thus, by shaving off concrete as much as possible, the unique structure with diagonal ribs and pillars emerged.

Hiro Yamashita thanks his long-time collaborator Shigeki Matsuoka (construction) and Assoc. Prof. Jun Sato (structural engineering), and of course, the client, Mr. Yamamoto, who has been a friend of Mr. Matsuoka since middle school!

Read more about Boltun

photo: SOBAJIMA, Toshihiro


photo: SOBAJIMA, Toshihiro


At the award ceremony (from left, contractor Shigeki Matsuoka,
client Ryutaro Yamamoto, architect Hiro Yamashita)


【Open House】RE generation series 001: Renatus

We are excited to announce that Renatus, a house renovation project by TEKUTO’s managing director Ben Matsuno has completed. By courtesy of the client, an open house event will be held on Sunday, April 21.
We would like to call it “RE generation” rather than a conventional renovation project, for after a long and intimate collaboration with the client, the outcome became not mere refurbishment but more of a RE birth, RE generation of a house.
Objects and forms drifting in esoteric darkness, materials carefully selected according to the aesthetics of sumi-e (ink wash painting), permeable facade controlling light, vision and air…these are some of the features we are extremely proud of. Please RSVP if interested.

place: Arakawa-ku, Tokyo
date and hours: Sunday, April 21, 2019 1:00p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
RSVP: media@tekuto.com
We will inform you of the exact address once you register.

【PRESS RELEASE】Nest at Amami Beach Villas Wins the Asia Pacific Property Awards in 2 Categories


A resort hotel project, Nest at Amami Beach Villas, designed by architect Yasuhiro Yamashita and his architecture firms Atelier TEKUTO and Amami Design Firm, has won the Asia Pacific Property Awards in two categories; Hotel Architecture; New Hotel Construction & Design. The awards will be presented at the Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park, Bangkok on May 14-15th, 2019.

Asia Pacific Property Awards that cover over 45 different residential and commercial categories are in their 26th year and is the largest, most prestigious and widely recognised program in the Asia Pacific regions. The awards are judged by an independent panel of over 80 experts, focusing on design, quality, service, innovation, originality and commitment to sustainability.


photo by Nest at Amami Beach Villas  http://www.nestatamami.com/

Nest at Amami Beach Villas, which opened in April 2018, is situated in the architect Yamashita’s home island of Amami-oshima.

In the course of studying the local history and nature, carrying out an extensive research on existing accommodations in the area, the major concept of the design became addressing the various “in-betweens” of the island. Yamashita himself searched and found the ideal site for this project. The position of the villas were decided upon between maximising both the retainment of the original landscape and taking advantage of the ocean front views. The vegetation was planned so as to maximise the restoration of indigenous vegetation that had deteriorated in between nature and human activities.

The architectural forms were inspired by the local traditional architecture and indigenous creatures, bridging the old with the new. Also, a cladding material was developed from locally sourced lumber dyed using a traditional textile dyeing method. Amami is currently in an in-between phase, awaiting to be listed as a World Natural Heritage Site. The ultimate goal of this project is to make a contribution to the island through adding an authentic and sustainable luxury resort facility to the local tourism infrastructure.

For more:|about the project|https://www.tekuto.com/en/works/nest_at_amami_beach_villas    
|about the process|https://www.tekuto.com/en/story/nest_at_amami

“It is a great honor to be recognized in this way. I am deeply grateful to my clients for giving me my first opportunity to design a resort facility in my home island Amami, after more than ten years of research on Asian resorts and hotels, I aspire to create and establish a new style of Asian resort by reconstructing the context of each region,” Yasuhiro Yamashita, architect

Interior of the Pool Villa, inspired by traditional architecture and local creature                

Private pool on the deck of each Pool Villa 

Pool Villas, clad with specially developed material 

Ocean Villas and Hillside Villas, reimagining the seaside villages of the past and restoring indigenous vegetation

all photos by SOBAJIMA, Toshihiro except top image by Nest at Amami Beach Villas

R・Torso・ C Wins fib Awards for Outstanding Concrete Structures 2018

R・Torso・C, created by architect Yasuhiro Yamashita of Atelier TEKUTO, structural engineer Assoc. Prof. Jun Sato and building materials researcher Prof. Takafumi Noguchi, both of Tokyo University, received the fib 2018 Awards for Outstanding Concrete Structure. The award was presented at the 2018 fib Congress Gala Dinner on October 9th, 2018 at the Melbourne Park Function Centre in Melbourne, Australia. The fib Awards for Outstanding Concrete Structures is presented every four years with the goal of promoting international recognition of structures that excel in design and demonstrate the versatility of concrete as a structural medium.

R・Torso・C (Shibuya, Tokyo; completed 2015) is a micro-residence on a small site of mere 66.67m2 with a total floor area of 103.74m2. The clients requested a house with exposed concrete inside and out. Furthermore, they wanted the concrete to be ecologically ambitious. Therefore, a 100% recyclable concrete was developed from almost scratch, by Yamashita, Prof. Noguchi, Assoc. Prof. Sato with the help of other collaborators.

R・Torso・C won the Best Work Award of Japan Concrete Institute in 2016, and received the Overall “Excellence” Award and first place in the category of low rise building at the 2017 Excellence in Concrete Construction Awards hosted by ACI (American Concrete Institute.)

Yamashita and the team are grateful for the acknowledgement of the big impact this small piece of architecture has on society, and are willing to keep on contributing to humanity through architecture.



Left:Yasuhiro Yamashita Right:Prof.Noguchi

Read more about R・torso・C

Read more about SHIRASU concrete

2017 Guangzhou International Design Forum

Yasuhiro Yamashita of Atelier TEKUTO flew to Guangzhou, China’s third largest city today. There, he will take part in a three-day international forum, “2017 Guangzhou International Design Forum,” (November 9-11, 2017) as the only Japanese lecturer.
This international forum is sponsored by Guangzhou Municipal People’s Government, Guangzhou Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Committee, and also by China’s largest architecture magazine, “Urban Environmental Design(UED).”
Thomas Herzog and Patrik Schumacher (Zaha Hadid Architects) are among the international speakers participating on the first day.
Yamashita will speak tomorrow, at a sub forum titled “Art Into City: Public Space & Public Art Forum” and his theme is “The Philosophy of Zen and Creative Architecture.”


Atelier TEKUTO’s work “R・Torso・C “ won the OVERALL EXCELLENCE AWARD and first place in the Low Rise Buildings Category in 2017 Excellence in Concrete Construction Awards, hosted by ACI (American Concrete Institute) .
The acknowledgement of eco-friendly, sustainable SHIRASU CONCRETE, developed together with Prof. Noguchi of Tokyo University and structural engineer Jun Sato, along with other collaborators, is a great honor. We hope that it will bring much-needed attention to the depletion of natural resources for concrete.

Previous winners of this prize were, Italian Pavilion Expo 2015(Milan, Italy) by Nemesi & Partners, and Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilizations (Marseille, France) by Rudy Ricciotti.


Exhibition on Atelier Tekuto at Stockholm University

There was an exhibition at Stockholm University on the projects done by Atelier Tekuto, by a student who has chosen TEKUTO’s projects for her curatorial work.

It’s an honor that she has chosen architecture as her exhibition theme, and Yamashita-TEKUTO out of million architects existing.

→ Exhibition

Exhibision Catalogue

R・torso・C was shortlisted in 2016 WAN Concrete Award

R・torso・C was shortlisted in 2016 WAN Concrete Award.

“This year’s panel were: Chiaki Arai, Founder of Chiaki Arai Urban & Architecture Design, Jason Parker, Partner at Make Architects, Elaine Toogood, Senior Architect at The Concrete Centre and Simon Anson, Architect and Associate at Arup.
Once the jury had selected the six shortlisted projects it became very apparent that more than one winner would be named. The projects have very different qualities, but are both fine examples of fantastic use of concrete in architecture.”
Although we did not win the final, we are delighted that our work towards the environment is recognized in the international concrete award.
<Comments on the R・torso・C from the jury>

20161104_wan_concreteaward_3 R-Torso-C House by Atelier Tekuto