Yamashita Yasuhiro and City Planning,” the official website of the group brand, opens.

Story of the inauguration of “Yasuhiro Yamashita and Community Development,” the official website of the group brand

From Yasuhiro Yamashita, Representative Architect

As an architect, I have created many buildings, specializing in the development of materials, structures, and construction methods. However, I began to feel a limit to what I could do with the “point” design of architecture, and gradually became interested in “urban development” that designs the “surface” of society, and after many years of research, I have been working hard to put this into practice in my hometown in the Amami Islands. Through various efforts, I have now thankfully grown from a “surface” to a “three-dimensional” structure with thickness.
We have come to believe that just as human beings are composed of 37 trillion cells, the connection between settlements forms cities and countries, and that the entry of outside information into these communities makes them healthy. We launched this brand site to contribute to the sustainability of the villages that need us, utilizing our experience cultivated in the Amami Islands.


Top page of the new brand official website

The official website of the group brand “Yasuhiro Yamashita and Community Development” will be launched on July 10, the anniversary of the establishment of “Atelier Tekuto”.


Vision of the new group brand official website

“We will listen to the small voices of the world’s villages,
We will create a town of beauty and health.
Bringing such innovation of happiness from Amami to the world.”


To support the development of eco-friendly retreat lodging facilities

We provide a one-stop service for the development of eco-friendly retreat accommodations that will create a region where people can earn money. We support development and operation methods appropriate for the region, from land search, design and supervision, consulting on lodging facility operation, producing local food and technology, and building regional partnerships, utilizing our past achievements and experience.


The Ideas Behind the Logo

The symbol mark of the newly created official website of the group brand continues to change. It was born from the idea that we are an organization that is constantly growing and cycling, and that we should be flexible enough to adapt ourselves to any form or thought in order to be close to the smallest voice.
The green color of the logo is also the color of the rich vegetation spreading in the Amami Islands. Just as plants produce nutrients through photosynthesis using water and light, the logo signifies the cycle of absorbing nature, materials, and local traditions to create a rich lifestyle for the community.


About our organization

We are composed of six organizations in Tokyo and Amami-Oshima.


1. Atelier Tekuto

Established in 1991, this organization is the root of architect Yamashita. As a creative design group that listens to the voice of materials, it is engaged in architectural design and urban planning in Japan and abroad.


2. Amami Innovation Co., Ltd.

Established in 2016, the company operates the “Denpaku” lodging facility, the “Magun Plaza” regional exchange center, and facilities for the elderly in the Amami Islands, creating interaction between village residents and tourists and creating local employment.


3. Amami Architects Co., Ltd.

Established in 2015 as a branch of Atelier Tekuto, Amami Architects Co., Ltd. is engaged in community development mainly in the Amami Islands through architectural design and real estate business.


4. General incorporated association SHIMA HITO TAKARA

Established in 2019, it aims to be a platform for local revitalization and is engaged in community development in the Amami Islands together with various businesses, government agencies, and educational institutions on and off the island.


5. General incorporated association Wellness.M

Established in 2021, Wellness.M contributes to the improvement of wellness in various regions through community development and product development with the participation of medical professionals.


6. Denpaku + Kogei Co., Ltd.

Established in 2019, this organization was created in the Amami Islands to expand Denbari throughout Japan, and currently operates Denpaku Komatsu in Komatsu City, Ishikawa Prefecture.
We would like to take this opportunity of the group’s inauguration to express our gratitude to all of you who have continued to support us. We will continue to work together with everyone in each community to create a happy community by listening to the voices of the little people.


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We have prepared photographic data and facility materials related to the community development project that Amami Innovation Co.
Please contact us for more information.

Yasuhiro Yamashita and Community Development”, the official website of the group brand
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