【Publication information】”The Basics of Regional Trading Companies and How They Work”

Amami Innovation Corporation, an affiliate of Tenkohjin, was introduced as an example of a case study of a regional trading company in the book “The Basics of Regional Trading Companies and How They Work”(author: Ikuhiro Nakamura, published by Shuwa System).

Amami Innovation is the operator in Amami of the urban development project undertaken by Atelier Tenkohjin, and operates the 「Den-paku」lodging facility and the「Magun-hiroba」community care facility, both renovated and designed by Tenkohjin.

If you are interested in urban planning and regional development, please take a look at this book, which explains in detail, with illustrations, the definition of a regional trading company, its business model, and the key points of its design and operation.

Kakeroma Island, Denpaku Lily's House.

Lily’s House” on Kakaroma Island, one of the “Denpatsu” operated by Amami Innovation.

Amami Oshima Kasari Town

Amami City, Kasari Town “Magun Plaza