BOLTUN wins JCI (The Japan Concrete Institute) Award 2019

Boltun Headquarters, designed by Yasuhiro “Hiro” Yamashita x Atelier TEKUTO, recieved Japan Concrete Institute’s 2019 Work Award.

The form of this office building was inspired by the shape of bolts, as the clients’ company is a retailer handling a vast range of nuts and bolts together with other architectural materials. Even though the budget was limited, we chose to build the structure in concrete, for the site sits along a busy street with heavy traffic and needed the soundproof benefit of concrete. Also, since the ground strength was extremely weak, reducing building weight was necessary. Thus, by shaving off concrete as much as possible, the unique structure with diagonal ribs and pillars emerged.

Hiro Yamashita thanks his long-time collaborator Shigeki Matsuoka (construction) and Assoc. Prof. Jun Sato (structural engineering), and of course, the client, Mr. Yamamoto, who has been a friend of Mr. Matsuoka since middle school!

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photo: SOBAJIMA, Toshihiro


photo: SOBAJIMA, Toshihiro


At the award ceremony (from left, contractor Shigeki Matsuoka,
client Ryutaro Yamamoto, architect Hiro Yamashita)