The Beachfront MIJORA

The Beachfront MIJORA

Nest at Amami Beach Villas

Hirado Castle Stay

“Den-Paku”+ Ma-gun Plaza, Akakina

Tourist Accommodations / Commercial Buildings

In the design of commercial facilities, we begin with determination of the concept for clients and the actual end users. We aim for a space that is attractive to the public at large, by providing spaces with a strong message, by using high quality low maintenance of the materials installed with accurate details.
In social welfare facilities, we aim for a building that creates happy faces for three different parties, the facility staff, people in need of care and the management. In educational facilities, we aim for spaces filled with dreams and hints that will activate a child’s dream.

“Den-Paku”+ Ma-gun Plaza, Akakina


Hirado Castle Stay [renovation].

DenPaku Komatsu [renovation]

DenPaku The Beachfront MIJORA

Denpaku + Magun
Hotel & Community Plaza

Boltun Headquarters

Nest at Amami Beach Villas

Facilities for the Elderly – IBUSUKI

Niseko Hotel B-II (Project)

NIANHUA BOUTIQUE (Restaurant Renovation)

Niseko Hotel B-I (Project)

Niseko Hotel A (Project)