Private: Busan Eco Center

Ethiopia Millenium Pavillion


“Den-Paku”+ Ma-gun Plaza, Akakina

Emergency Supply Warehouse

Community Facilities / Community Design

The community facility should be building for all citizens. Therefore we hold various workshops together with the local people, end users and administrations from the early stages of design. We are always sentient for chances like to develop new materials or innovative techniques, incorporating environmentally friendly design and using local resources. All this, based on the function and the administrative methods we find during the workshops. When necessary, we form a team with research organizations, large design firms or local architects depending on the needs of the project. We want to create hand in hand with the local people and government truly meaningful architecture that can become a true treasure for all of us.

“Den-Paku”+ Ma-gun Plaza, Akakina


Revival Housing in Kamaishi

“Home for All” for Fishermen in Kamaishi

Iheya Island Project

Emergency Supply Warehouse

Joshu Tomioka Station Design Proposal

Olympic Village(project/2009)

Kashiwazaki City Hall

Ethiopia Millennium Pavilion

Busan Eco Center

Floating Palette/ Seoul Performing Arts Center